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More than + 7500 happy owners of the unique Floors and Walls in Poland and in the world!

plytki z cegly, terakota, cegla na sciany

Real, above one-hundred-years-old tiles.

Marking with this logotype means that the product is more than one hundred years old. The material that we retrieve to produce floors and walls comes from a demolition of the old buildings that cannot be saved and the only way is to demolish them.

Incredibly carful selection of brick and terracotta is the basis for creating unique floors and walls recommended to the most demanding costumers. Unique craft processing methods shape their unique nature making them stand out of the floors and walls available on the market.

produkt ponad stuletni
More than 7500 happy customers
Average age of Brick and Terracotta
Years of Experience
No 1 across Europe

Unique features: only with us.

Experience that has paid off over the years, hundreds of realizations, carried out tests have made us an ultimate leader in Poland and Europe in manufacturing the floors and the walls of this kind.

Beauty that will perform well in any interior.

Our tiles will perform ideally in classical, traditional, Scandinavian, rustic as well as modern interiors.

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Kitchen / Dining Room

A kitchen is a place where brick floor and terracotta tiles have had a wide range of applications. Brick walls or floor create a climate of its own kind – not only a tasteful one but above all a very warm one that will make feel well in a natural way.

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Living Room

It is the most representative part of any house. It is a showpiece, a place of relaxation and meetings with friends. Brick as well as terracotta will lend a refined appearance, and the warm, brick-red shade will create an amazing atmosphere and make the time spent inside nicer.

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Terracotta or brick in a bathroom is an excellent alternative to omnipresent ceramic tiles. Unlike the ceramics, it creates a charming and warm atmosphere. It performs well in both rustic and industrial interiors as a versatile and timeless material.

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Terracotta tiles will also perform excellently outside the buildings. Natural appearance of our products ideally harmonizes with plants creating an unique climate around the house. If your priority is simple and ecofriendly solutions – terracotta is surely what you are looking for.

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Historic Facilities

Our above one-hundred-years-old products performs outstandingly in historic facilities such as castles, palaces, manors, churches, etc. ideally harmonizing with the style and the climate of the facilities that have long histories.

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Commercial Facilites

Commercial facilities (restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, etc.) – like any others – should be decorated with style and taste in order to encourage costumer to enter them. Brick and terracotta will be an unrivalled solutions in this case. Not only will they add some splendor to the interiors but also create a great, costumer-friendly atmosphere.

Help & Support

When buying our products you are also given help and support. We will help you select a suitable model of floor or wall tiles and the way to lay them as well as their color, a width of the joints or a kind of impregnation product.  After you have bought with us, you can be sure that a repairman providing the tile-laying service will receive our professional help at each stage of laying the tiles.

We send samples of our tiles on our costumers’ request in order for them to be able to find out how our products look like in reality just before they will buy them.



I may seem that transportation of the material of this kind is costly and problematic. Well, it is not – we have already been cooperating with carriers for 13 years and sending our products to many places in Poland and in the world. Learnt by experience, we care that our products arrive to you by platform vehicles without damage.

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