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A manufacturer of unique brick and terracotta floors and walls.




With respect for heritage, we use materials that would probably be doomed to oblivion – we give them a new life inside you.


Kamstar is a collection of unique floor and wall materials for those who value individual interiors.

Beauty of nature



Unpredictable, unique, beautiful – that’s what nature is like! Just like nature, our products are also characterized by diversity and unique character, obtained thanks to the hands of craftsmen.


Kamstar Care is certain that after making the purchase, you or the professional performing the service will receive professional help and support at every stage of the assembly.

Kamstar Care



An interactive card for a professional.

The Kamstar Manufacture has gained experience over 20 years, which is the foundation for creating a unique collection of floors and walls recommended for the most demanding customers.


Over + 25,000 satisfied owners of unique Floors and Walls in Poland and around the world!

Manufaktura Kamstar is a leader in the brick materials industry and a company with traditions and 20 years of experience. We offer beautiful, natural products with a hundred-year history, as well as modern fired materials. Each piece is distinguished by its unique character and is subject to rigorous selection in terms of origin and quality. The tiles are proven, durable and safe, thanks to which they can be used for many years, bringing warmth, a cozy atmosphere and a unique atmosphere to the interior. Recovering bricks from old buildings is not only the protection of heritage, but also care for the natural environment. Ecology is very important to us, as we express, not only giving a second life to materials that would otherwise be doomed to oblivion, but also supporting Greenpeace’s community campaign to help bees.

In the interests of the highest quality of services, we offer a comprehensive system necessary for the installation of tiles, including adhesives, grouts and impregnations. Thanks to the Kamstar Care service, each client or specialist performing the service receives professional support at every stage of the work. We deliver orders throughout Europe by convenient and safe transport with a lift.

Manufaktura Kamstar

Reclaimed Brick for flooring of various origins: sourced from more than a century old historic buildings and fired contemporary. The artisanal method of processing gives each piece a unique texture and unique appearance. Reclaimed Brick is good at accumulating heat, it is safe, durable and easy to maintain. It brings coziness and a timeless atmosphere to interiors in various styles, e.g. Provencal, rustic, classic or industrial.

Terracotta tiles floor tiles from old buildings with over 100 years of history. The natural, warm cotto color and a wide selection of available shapes and sizes make the material very universal, timeless and fit many different arrangement styles. Due to the artisanal manufacturing technique, each tile is unique and one of a kind. Terracotta has good thermal conductivity parameters, is extremely durable and durable, and thanks to its impregnation, it is also easy to keep clean.

Brick wall in two versions: now fired or recovered from over 100-year-old historic buildings. The classic look, warm colors and unusual texture add coziness and a unique atmosphere to the interior. The material is durable, durable and resistant to damage. Suitable for arrangements in various styles, incl. rustic, Provencal, modern, industrial or classic.

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We clean and vacuum like traditional ones.

Thanks to the impregnation and dedicated products for brick and terracotta tiles , the floor is protected against dirt and resistant to moisture or oils – to keep the surfaces in good condition, it is enough to vacuum and wash them in the same way as traditional floors.


Invisible protection against water, oils and dirt for use on floors and walls.

Guard Industry

The ProtectGuard® range is the absolute leader among products for the protection of floors and walls against water, oil and dirt. Which work perfectly with our products.

ProtectGuard WF Mat

Protection against water, oils, dirt and wet matte finish – for use on floors and walls.


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