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Brick tiles selected in terms of the best strength and clay quality. The range of colors is wide and based on peachy and sandy coloring with smooth texture. Each tile is a craft workpiece made with high precision and exceptional attention to details.

Brick wall is a warranty of endurance and longevity. It presents a wide range of applications and it is suitable for each interior or façade.

  • Each of the tiles has smooth texture that is formed in the phase of cutting the brick.
  • Thanks to the old method of mixing and firing clay, the distribution of colors is not even. Each tile has a unique color based on warm sandy colors.
  • The tiles are deprived of contaminations thanks to the cleaning technology with a strong water stream jet (200 BAR).

Order processing

After placing an order, you receive an e-mail confirming that your order has been accepted to be processed. On the basis of it, order-processing time is determined (it is influenced by: a model, quantity and the fact whether the product is ready-made in the storage house or not).

Acceptance– If you accept the order-processing date – we start processing it and determine a payment method.
In the event that you do not accept the date – any customer can withdraw the order without any consequences.

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