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Terracotta tiles are carefully selected and undergo a strength test. The dominating color is (cotto). We offer a wide range of different-sized tiles in the Krakowska series. Krakowska 300 × 150 mm is characterized by a classical rectangular shape. Each tile has a homogenous texture, and is made in a reliable and accurate way. Terracotta is safe and does not have sharp edges.

Krakowska terracotta will perform well in a kitchen, a bathroom, a hall, a living room, a dining room, in commercial, historic facilities, etc.

  • A characteristic feature of terracotta tiles is their resemblance to each other, although each tile is a little different from others.
  • Colors are repeatable and based on the shades of the Cotto range.
  • The tiles are deprived of contaminations thanks to the cleaning technology with a strong water stream jet (200 BAR).
  • All tiles are safe thanks to eliminating the sharp edges. They also undergo a strength test in order to select the best quality tiles.

Order processing

After placing an order, you receive an e-mail confirming that your order has been accepted to be processed. On the basis of it, order-processing time is determined (it is influenced by: a model, quantity and the fact whether the product is ready-made in the storage house or not).

Acceptance– If you accept the order-processing date – we start processing it and determine a payment method.
In the event that you do not accept the date – any customer can withdraw the order without any consequences.

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