ProtectGuard has established itself as the benchmark product for preventing degradation of porous materials (concrete, cement, natural or synthetic stone,..) .

Water-repellent properties enables it to prevent water penetration, and thus eradicate the negative effects caused by humidity.

  • ProtectGuard’s oil-repellent and anti-stain properties blocks the penetration of all greasy stains (oil, cooking fats…), atmospheric and industrial pollution and even chewing gums, which can be easily removed.
  • ProtectGuard is a solvent and silicone-free product in aqueous phase. It is therefore an optimally environmentally friendly product.
  • ProtectGuard is totally invisible after drying and it does not alter the appearance or colour of materials surface. Treating materials with ProtectGuard makes them easier to clean and by delaying the aging process enables surfaces to look new for longer.

Anti-Graffiti Protection

  • ProtectGuard treatment prevents the penetration of ink and paint pigments into porous materials, thus making it easier and faster to remove graffiti.

Ideal for treating all porous materials:

  • Natural stone, synthetic stone, terracotta (tiles, bricks…), architectural concrete, interlocking paving blocks, cement, masonry paints, mortar (MPC), etc.

Can be used to protect:

  • New and renovated buildings, renovated facade, historical monuments, roofs, terraces, balconies, swimming pool decks, floors, staircases, chimneys, barbecues, tiling joints, etc.

Coverage 1L: 5-7 m²