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Brick floor

Above 100-years-old,  Reclaimed brick floor formed by hand with irregular texture. Thanks to their classical rectangular shape and pastel (peachy –sandy) coloring, these brick tiles will perform ideally in both rustic and minimalistic interiors. Varied texture provides a mosaic effect. Each tile is a craft workpiece made with high precision and exceptional attention to details. A significant element is that sharp edges have been eliminated, which influences safety while using.

Reclaimed brick floor tile will perform excellently in a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom, a hall, a living room, in commercial, historic facilities, etc.

Brick floor, reclaimed brick

Format: ≈115m × ≈115 mm
Thickness: ≈25 mm
Quantity/sq. m: 70 pieces
Weight / sq. m 42 Kg
Color: Peachy – Sandy
Impregnating: Required
Floor heating: Yes
Applications: inside

We start laying the tiles from determining the height of the concrete topping, determining the laying pattern, the color and width of the joints, the type of adhesive and the impregnating method.


All this information is in the Laying section. Remember that buying a product you or a person providing the tile-laying service to you receive full support till the floor is laid.


Floor tiles require impregnation. Thanks to it, floor tiles are protected from the basic deterioration factors such as contaminations, water, oils, which significantly influence the maintenance and use of the floor in the future.

Thanks to using an impregnation product we can change the end result. There are two kinds of the finishing touches to be chosen from: wet effect in a mat tor a semi-gloss version that excellently emphasize the original color of the tiles, and additionally make the future maintenance of the surface easier.

More on impregnation products in the Impregnation Products section.


Maintenance and use of the brick floors do not differ from the standard floors. The tiles can be vacuum-cleaned and cleaned not putting their protection at risk.
We recommend using products with an addition of waxes that are available in the majority of the shops.


Varied texture – (Medium)
Color variety – (Peachy – Sandy)
Resistance to abrasion – (High)
Strength – (High)

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