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Brick wall

Brick wall, reclaimed brick – selected in terms of the best strength and clay quality. The range of colors is wide and based on peachy and sandy coloring with smooth texture. Each tile is a craft workpiece made with high precision and exceptional attention to details.

Reclaimed Brick wall is a warranty of endurance and longevity. It presents a wide range of applications and it is suitable for each interior or façade.

Brick wall, reclaimed brick

Format: ≈115 × ≈115 mm
Thickness: ≈10 mm
Quantity/sq. m: 70 pieces
Weight / sq. m: 22 kg
Color: Peachy – Sandy
Impregnating: Non-required
Floor heating: Yes
Applications: inside, outside

A wall should be even and leveled. If there are loose rendering pieces on the surface – they should be removed, then the gaps should be refilled, and the whole should be primed. The wall can be additionally reinforced by embedding a grass fiber net.

Recommended patterns of the tile arrangements


All information on installing can be found in the Laying section. Remember that buying a product you or a person providing the tile-laying service to you receive full support till the wall is laid.


Wall tiles do not require impregnation. However, thanks to it, they are protected from the factors such as contaminations, water and oils.

Thanks to using an impregnation product, we can also change the end result. There are three different effects to be chosen from: invisible one and so-called wet effects in the matt and semi-gloss version that excellently emphasize the original color of the tiles, and additionally make the future maintenance of the surface easier.

More on impregnation products in the Impregnation Products section



Varied texture – (Little)
Color variety – (Peachy – Sandy)
Strength – (Medium)

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