Rustic Joints & Adhesives

Rustic joints were designed for the purpose of our products – their main asset is their classical color and thick aggregate.

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Rustic Joints

The joint-filling mortar is a ready-made dry mixture of mineral and ceramic binders, light aggregates and modifying additives improving resistance properties. The product does not contain any asbestos fibers. It is a frost proof and waterproof mortar after being bound. The mortar hardens chemically at the ambient temperature and it maintains its resistance parameters up to the temperature of +800°C. After adding water, we obtain 0,014 m3 ready-made rendering mortar from 25 kg of dry mortar.
– the substrate and ambient temperature when applying and drying should be from +10°C to +25°C,
– the made joint should be specially cared for, it should be protected from rain, high air humidity, direct sunlight and a temperature drop below +10°C for the first 4 days. Not following the above recommendations can result in a permanent discoloration of the joints,
– the joints should be moistened with water in a period of high temperatures,
-application should be carried out in rubber gloves
– the product contains cement, reacts with water in an alkaline way, protect skin and eyes,
– the joints with the same manufacturing date should be used due to the possibility that small differences in color will occur,
– the joint is waterproof and frost proof,
– the full strength is gained by the joint after 28 days,
– jointing coverage is approx. 6 kg per m² brick wall tiles with the thickness of the joint of 15×10 mm.
The mortar should be stored in a dry place, in a tightly closed bag.
Expiry date is 12 months from the production date.


Sopro FF 450