≈ 300×150mm

Floor terracotta recycled in the shape of rectangles maintained in natural cotto colors. Thanks to their authentic origin, the tiles differ minimally in texture and color. Durable and extremely durable flooring fits, among other things, classic, rustic and Provençal interiors.



≈ 300×70mm

Floor terracotta recycled In cotto color, in a unique shape of narrow rectangles. The long history of the tiles is proof of their durability and strength, as well as their timeless aesthetics. Subtle differences in the appearance of individual pieces add to their authenticity. The floor blends with interiors in a variety of design styles.



≈ 150×150mm

Floor terracotta recycled In the traditional cotto color. The beautiful irregular texture and the unique shape of the small squares fit into arrangements of different styles. The tiles are very durable and long-lasting, and thanks to their original origin and subtle differences, each one is unique and one-of-a-kind.



≈ 300×145mm

Floor terracotta recycled rectangular in shape, in natural cotto color, distinguished by its smooth surface. The classic style blends in with any arrangement. The tiles are made of clinker, which makes them more than durable, so they are perfect for outdoor use.



HEXAGON ≈ 135×135mm

Floor terracotta recycled in cotto color, characterized by high durability and strength. The original origin and the unique shape of the hexagons make the product combine unconventional design and classic, timeless elegance. The tiles vary minimally in color and texture, which adds to their authenticity.



≈ 300×60mm

Limited edition terracotta flooring recycled. The great advantage of the product is its strength and durability. The original design fits many different design styles. The tiles have a classic narrow rectangular shape and a black color with natural burns. On some pieces, a very visually appealing one is also visible iris effect.

Terracotta for the floor – an absolute revelation in an era flooded with kitsch and trash.

Our Manufaktura focuses on providing customers with brick products, whose unique appearance and texture make them unique finishing elements for floors and walls. Therefore, our offer could not miss a product such as terracotta tiles as well. In the following catalog you will find four collections from the Krakow line in the form of rectangular and square tiles, as well as the French collection, whose shape resembles a honeycomb.

Floor terracotta tiles

Each of the solutions proposed by our company, is characterized by accuracy of workmanship, high durability and resistance to abrasion, as well as a small variation in terms of texture. This means that the floor terracotta you will find in our assortment has a unified texture and color scheme, which enhances its visual appeal and increases its applicability. Before choosing a specific terra cotta floor, we encourage you to learn about the technical parameters of each tile, as well as practical tips on installation and waterproofing.

Terracotta for the kitchen

The Krakowska model will be ideal as a terracotta tile floor kitchen, Provençal or industrial style. Deciding on such flooring, we can be sure that it will become an investment for many years. For terracotta is constantly evolving, acquiring class and character over time.