Invisible protection against water, oils and dirt for use on floors and walls.

ProtectGuard WF Semi-gloss

Protection against water, oil, dirt with a wet semi-gloss finish – for use on floors and walls.

ProtectGuard WF Mat

Protection against water, oils, dirt and wet matte finish – for use on floors and walls.


ProtectGuard® Wet Look is an impregnation for brick and terra cotta that brings out the original color of the material, giving it a “wet look” effect. The product comes in two versions: matte and semi-gloss (which has more reflective particles in the composition).

A surface impregnated with ProtectGuard® Wet Look is effectively protected against the main causes of possible damage, such as water, atmospheric pollutants and grease stains, in addition to being vapor-permeable and UV-resistant.

A surface protected with ProtectGuard® Wet Look is easier to maintain, as the product has surface-hardening properties. The floor impregnated in this way can be maintained with wax-based preparations or other glossy emulsions.

The Guard Industry brand is an excellent choice to meet the needs of both amateurs and hobbyists, as well as professionals looking for the best solutions used in their professional activities.

ProtectGuarProtectGuard WL
ProtectGuardProtectGuard WL

The ProtectGuard® range is the absolute leader among products for the protection of floors and walls against water, oil and dirt. Which work perfectly with our products.